About us

CeSigma (Cessys until 1997) is a Research center that has developed Expertise in the Conception and the Development of complex systems, including:
  • Acquisition of data and physical measurements,
  • Real-time processing of the signal and the image,
  • Studies & developments in electronics, mechanics and embedded computing.

The areas covered range from high-energy physics and particle physics to acoustic, video and radar measurement systems. These technologies are dedicated to the realization of industrial defense and security systems, monitoring systems and risk monitoring applied in particular to environmental monitoring and other biological applications.

Cesigma has significant experience in the development and production of real-time software and operational systems integrating signal processing, measurement sensors and real-time embedded electronics for data acquisition and transmission. broadband (radio links, fiber optics, computer and embedded networks, …), and the production of specific cards in the fields of radar, sonar and nuclear measurement and high energy, …

CeSigma also has several products in the field of acquisition, processing and analysis of signals:

– Data acquisition and recording system: DRS2000,
– Workshop Acquisition, Processing and Analysis of Acoustic Signals: CHRISARLAB,
– Optical diffraction multimode visible & thermal

Finally, through its skills in electronics, mechanics and signal processing, CeSigma is positioning itself as a sensor integrator for the benefit of system Integrators and Administrations.